Pumpkin Picking

This past weekend during midterm break, I invited a couple of my friends to go back to my hometown with me. Whilst we were there we drove to a local farm to get pumpkins. Unfortunately, they were closed. So, we went to go picking apple at Fruit Valley to get my mom some macs. Little did I realize, they had pumpkins there as well! I did not get any photos of us picking apples, but I got tons of us with the pumpkins. It had been raining all day and it was becoming a bit late in the afternoon, so I called ahead to make sure the places I had in mind were open. Two of the three were closed for picking, so Fruit Valley was our saving grace! I’ve gone to Fruit Valley several times in the past with my family, and I have always loved it there.

When we arrived it was pretty obvious that Fruit Valley was better known for their apple orchard than their pumpkins. Although they had an amazing assortment of Halloween carving pumpkins, they did not have a good number of smaller pumpkins, which I had in mind to decorate my dorm room. I did manage to find some pumpkins that I liked, though, as I ended up getting two large Halloween pumpkins for my family to put in front of our door, and three small baby pumpkins to scatter around my dorm room, which were actually the last three! And of course, we got a full bag of mac apples.

Whether you want to pick your own pumpkins, apples, or you just simply want to stroll through the fields on an autumn day, I would definitely recommend a pick-your-own farm!

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