Website final reflection

I’ve developed as a writer this year as I began to think more analytically, and I’ve been able to put those analyses into words. I’m better at explaining myself than before, but I think there’s still room for improvement in that area. I believe my work has been most effective when I analyze things and discuss things that I’m passionate about (examples include the Wicca piece, art analysis and the mixtape). It’s easier to write about something when you’re extremely interested in it. I am least effective when it comes to explaining systems and why different things matter. Examples of this include the pieces on deception online, humor inciting violence and the parking at Bonaventureparking at Bonaventure. Though I found the topics interesting, I found it difficult to portray my feelings about them and my mindset in a concise way. I try to have an overall conclusion to my writing, wrapping up my train of thought, but it seems to end up muddled.

Things I’ve learned about digital writing include:

  • Writing can be much more interactive and fun to play around with than just physical/tangible writing.
  • You can add alternative text to images, videos and other links for those who might not have access to them or can’t look at them. It creates a realm where everyone is included.
  • Digital writing (and the internet, in general), allows for more discussion. Forum apps such as Twitter and Reddit allow more conversation. On the opposite side, though, a discussion can be closed. One can block users, disable comments, delete comments, etc.
  • People you’ve never even met can, and probably have, read your writing. On my Instagram, for example, 25% of my active followers are Belgian. I’ve never met or talked to someone from Belgium! The thought of that is cool, but can also sometimes be scary!

What I enjoy most about writing digitally is the fact that I’m writing for a wider audience, so I must think more about my words and alter it. Altering ones writing for an audience can easily be seen as a bad thing, but I look at it as a positive thing because it makes you think more about what you’re writing and how to portray your train of thought in a way that’s comprehensive and cohesive. When you’re not writing digitally, and more so for yourself, your thoughts may not be as organized.

I actually created this blog last year as a side project for another class, where I have to write things that I’m passionate about. I enjoy writing about books and lifestyle, so that’s what the blog mostly consisted of. I put the blog on the back burner for some time and abandoned it. This class brought the blog back to life, and though I may not be writing about books and lifestyle like I used to, I’m still writing about topics that I’m fairly interested in, including music, Wicca, art and history. I’ve tried to make the blog visually appealing and entertaining, as I’ve added videos, pictures, playlists and presentations to my posts. A blog post that’s all just text can be considered boring, so I think it’s important to throw in links and images that can entertain the viewer and make them do more than just read. I’m probably most proud of the content I’ve put out that’s genuine to my personality and interests, including my remix work and art/history analysis. I’m also proud of my ability to link different topics to one another and my ability to include examples of what I’m talking about. I wish I wrote more blog posts similar to the ones I’ve written in the past, about what I’m passionate about, but the work on this blog over this semester have been this class, so I didn’t really do that as much as I did before, obviously.

Overall, I’m proud of my work on this blog over this semester and I know my writing has improved due to my work.