Photography project


This week I was asked to take photos capturing people, places and things. I tried to make sure there was great lighting and focus for each image. Below are the images I took.

1. People – Individual: Frozen motion and shallow depth.
Group motion
2. Group – Blurred motion
People 3 – Creative, Rule of Thirds
People 4 – Shallow depth
Place unique angle
Place 1 – Unique angle
Place 2 – Unique Angle


Place deep depth
Place 3 – Deep depth, far subject (window) 
Things 1 – Shallow depth
things leading lines
Things 2 – Leading Lines
Things 3 – Variety/Creativity


I used my iPhone 7 Plus for all of these images and took all of them around midday or in the morning for the best lighting. For minimal adjustments such as brightness, contrast and saturation, I used Photoshop and added dust and light filters through the app Afterlight. For “People 3” I used Photoshop to add layers of PNG images to make it look a bit more creative. I tried to make each image look unique and different.


Over the weekend I asked a couple of my friends at Bona’s what they thought about the images. They suggested I adjust the saturation on “People 1” and “People 4.” They also thought a couple of the images looked better in Grayscale mode instead of CMYK, which I changed afterwards.


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