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Christmas Throwback

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Christmas for me is about spending time with family and making memories that will be remembered for years to come.  This year, I wanted to look back on old photos of myself and family and reminisce of times past.  At this time of the year, I’m stressed and worried about all of the work I have to do for classes and studying for finals.  Hell week leaves me feeling over my head, but I’m thankful to my mom for sending me these photos.  They remind me of all that I have to look forward to when I return home, which is exactly a week away now.  

When both my brother and I were little I remember laying in bed and whispering about when we thought Santa would come and he would gift us with that year. On Christmas Eve, we usually went to my stepdad’s family’s house, have a huge lobster dinner with fondue and at the end of the night, “Santa” would stop by and give us gifts.  One year, all of the girls received a huge Ulta makeup box, which influenced me getting into makeup and experimenting.  Those Christmas Eves were the ones I would remember the most, as they were so much fun!

On Christmas Eve, my brother and I would both be excited about seeing our first cousins, Madison and Brandon, who we love spending time with. We knew Christmas day would be filled with fun as we played with the toys we received from Santa and family alongside our cousins.  We’d listen to Christmas classics, giggle as we played and pick off bits of the turkey as my grandpa cooked it. When we had white Christmases we’d run outside to play in the snow, one time in bathing suits!

I really hope you are all having a lovely time this holiday season, and remember the important things in life.  Eat lots of cookies, cuddle up and watch as many festive films you can before the season is over, and most importantly, relax and be happy around those important to you.  

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Lush’s Soft Coeur review

Hello all! Sorry I haven’t been posting as much.  Thanksgiving break was quite literally a break from ALL things for me.  Now that I’m back at college, I’ve been flooded with responsibilities and tasks that I have to complete before the end of the semester.  My last day of classes is the 8th of December and my last final is on the 13th.  Needless to say, I’m totally over my head.  

One luxury I’ve been treating myself to each morning, though, before I rush off to classes, is this little decadent massage bar from Lush.  I’ve never used a massage bar before and was quite intrigued to use it! Each morning, after my workout, shower, hair and makeup, I massage this bar into my arms and spritz my favorite perfume at the moment on my neck and wrists, which is Melanie Martinez’s Cry Baby perfume.  

The massage bar that I’ve been using specifically is Soft Coeur, which makes me smell like a chocolate bar with a hint of honey.  Honey is super moisturizing and since I usually wear long sleeves now with the cold weather, it’s really locked in to my skin and also makes my shirts smell good! Keep in mind massage bar oils tend to be greasy and a bit messy, but the lasting effect and pros of the bar outweigh the cons for me.  

You’re supposed to break the bar in half, according to the Lush website, but I’ve just been applying it to my skin directly.  It’s also noted that the bar can make you (or you’re special someone) taste good, but no one is tasting me so that part doesn’t really concern me!

The bar also has cocoa butter, cocoa powder and almond oil in it, which leaves my skin feeling super smooth and also adds to the already delicious scent.

I would recommend this product to anyone looking to moisten their skin to prevent the drying winter weather.  So cozy!

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Food for thought?

Food is an essential to every one’s life, obviously, but our relationship with food varies and can affect us in many different ways.

The past few months, I’ve been trying to eat healthier and be more mindful of what I put into my body.  I started this journey in July and have lost 25 pounds so far, but I still have more to lose. Disclaimer, I’ve been losing this weight “the healthy way”, so to speak.  I do not have an eating disorder.  Through this journey, though, I’ve become more aware of my eating habits and my relationship with food.  So, on that note…

I was a chaotic eater.  I would not eat breakfast, or anything during the work day, so when I did eat, it would be unhealthy and more like a binge.  This usually happens during school and work days, but on days I have off, I just graze and don’t have set meal plans, unless I’m eating with my family. 

I ate particularly well throughout elementary and middle school, but then when high school rolled around, my meals became varied between eating too little and eating too much.  

One example of this, is when I didn’t eat breakfast before school, and didn’t eat anything during the school day, but instead just chugged water all day.  Then when tennis rolled around, and the team went to McDonald’s before the match, I would just eat a shit ton of fast food.  The thing is, I did not feel hungry at all during the day, so I thought that it was OK.  The second situation I can think of is more recent, as it happened last year during my first year at uni.  The only thing I ate all day was a sleeve of Saltine crackers, which I just grazed on throughout the day.  Needless to say, I ate like a 10 year old. Junk and snack foods were what I ate the majority of the time.  

I was always brought up to finish my meals, even one’s I did not like, but I was a fighter.  As a child, some nights I spent sitting at the dinner table looking at a plate full of food I did not want to eat (goulash and Hamburger Helper were the worst), missing my 8 o’clock episode of That’s So Raven.  My mom wanted me to finish what I had on my plate, and I understand why one would want their child to finish their meals, but when I left the environment of structured eating, I adopted unhealthy eating habits.  

It was during the spring of my freshman year in college when I got on the scale and was completely disgusted and disappointed with myself.  I knew that I did not like what I saw on the scale, so I decided to change for the better.  Alongside my mom during this past summer, we started to plan our meals around a healthy caloric intake diet, based on our age, height and weight. We did not have to count the calories and fruits and vegetables, which helped and made us eat healthier altogether.  

I’ve become more in tune with my eating habits and have become more aware of what I put into my body.  One of the things I love about my uni is that they have the nutritional facts on what they serve in the dining hall, so I’m able to plan my meals a week in advance if need be.  I like tracking my meals ahead of time, so I don’t go into the dining hall wondering what I should and shouldn’t eat, but already have it planned.  Before, I was afraid of food and thought of it more as a vice and now I’ve adopted a motto my grandfather told me about eating: Don’t live to eat, but eat to live.  

Although I’m still a distance from my goal weight, I am more confident in myself about getting there, as I’ve learned how to maintain a healthy diet, but still be able to enjoy food.  

So I guess this topic brings me to ask, what is your relationship with food? What do you like to eat? Are you adventurous or do you stick with what you know. Let me know in the comments below!   

October Goals

The picture is random, but it’s currently what I’m doing.  Relaxing with a Starbucks Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato. How basic of me, but despite it being a caffeinated beverage, it helps me slow down and enjoy.

With that said, let’s move on…

The month of September sucked for me. It was terrible and nothing seemed to be going the right way. I complained about the month frequently, to the point where I was annoyingly sorry for myself all the time. There were a lot of downs in school, within friend groups and even with family. So, I decided in the beginning of this month to make a list of goals to think about and try to achieve. This post is basically my list (with the exclusion of a few personal ones), and an update on what I’ve done so far.

1. Go on more walks. In the beginning of the school year and during the summer, I went on daily walks, as it was something I did to maintain my health. As the month of September went on, and as I got more miserable, I didn’t do it as much. Recently, though, I’ve gotten back into the habit of going on not-so-daily daily walks. My roommate and I try to go on walks on the trail around campus every Sunday as a little form of bonding. This afternoon, while I’m writing this, I actually plan on going on a walk with some friends after my last class of the day. Going on walks, either with friends or by myself, is a great stress reliever for me.

2. Lose 10 pounds by the end of the month. So far, I’ve lost five pounds, which I believe is a pretty damn good job so far! I haven’t been going to the gym as frequently as I’ve wanted to, but I always get a good night’s rest and I’ve only been eating when my body tells me that it’s hungry. Binge eating is something that I’ve had a problem with in the past, as well as not eating enough. So far, I believe I’ve maintained a healthy balance.

3. Blog more! I did not blog at all in the month of September, as I was procrastinating and pushing it off until October. Luckily, though, now it’s up and running and I’ve been posting frequently. Thank you for reading!

4. Get better grades! I did pretty well for myself when midterm grades came around. There were only two out of the six classes that I am taking that I believe I need to do better in. One of them is marketing, with the only thing keeping me down is my class participation grade, which is an F…whoops! I’ve been trying to speak up at least once per class, so hopefully I’ll have a higher grade by the end of the semester. The other class being management, which I just personally hate. It’s no offense to the professor or the grad student that helps teach the class, I’m just not doing too hot one the quizzes. I need to study more!

5. Plan my Thanksgiving vacation. Similar to how two of my friends came to my place for October break, I’m having one of my best friends come for Thanksgiving break, which I am super excited for! I want to plan out different things we can do together so I’m not scrambling for ideas when the time comes. I would also like to spend a bit more time with family over this break, unlike I did during the last break. Perhaps catch an episode or two of GoT with my mom before I head back off to college. I also have to plan out the things that I want to bring back home to drop off, and the things that I want to pick up from home to bring back to college with me. So far I’ve planned nothing…I need to get on that!

6. Write more! I know I write a lot for this blog (which is currently being graded), but I want to write a bit more creatively and perhaps start a personal journal. I used to journal every day and wrote creatively frequently. At the start of summer, journaling and creative writing ceased. This month, I want to get back into it. So far I haven’t started writing creatively this month, but I hope to do so by the end of it!

So those are my goals for the month of October! What do you want to achieve by the end of the month?